* MediPAL

MediPAL® is a hard wearing plastic card that fits neatly into your purse or wallet. Its unique and simple design allows the emergency services to have instant access to your important medical history and prescription drugs; because everything you need is printed on the card. No call centre’s or computers needed to access your details, this really matters when a quick diagnosis is vital.! 

MediPAL® can be you’re “PAL” every time you visit a hospital clinic, pharmacy, dentist, or travel abroad. Each time you are admitted to hospital or visit an out patients clinic, you will be asked to confirm what medication you take? Do you have any allergies? What is your medical history? Dates of operations etc? This will no longer be a problem, just show them your card and it will “speak for you” bring you and your family peace of mind. 


MediPAL® card costs £14.99 which includes two free changes for the life of the card, no annual fee, no membership.


You can apply online www.medipal.org.uk or call
0845 603 4604 for an application form